Math Field Day awards ready for presentation to students 1/23/24

On Tuesday, January 23, 2024 Preston County Schools hosted math field day for students grade 4 – 12. Students who placed will move on to the regional event scheduled for March 23rd at University High School in Morgantown. The top 3 students in each grade (grades 4 – 9) and the top 10 students from grades 10 - 12 will compete at the regional event. Alternates will compete if one of the placers be unable to attend. Preston High School had a total of 22 participants at the county math field day, while the area middle schools had 51 participants. In addition to a written test and short answer questions, Preston High students also completed team challenges.

Math Field Day Results:

4th grade:  alternate Marlowe F (TAEP); 3rd place Kolby S (Bruceton); 2nd place Zachary M (KES); 1st place Ashton H (KES). Estimation winner - Hadley L (South Preston).

5th grade:  alternate Liam W (CPMS); 3rd place Jobie E (Bruceton); 2nd place Ace H (TAEP); 1st place Katelyn K (CPMS). Estimation winner - Conner K (Bruceton).

6th grade: alternate Wyatt C (Bruceton); 3rd place Levi C (Bruceton); 2nd place Grant O (Bruceton); 1st place Aidan G (Bruceton). Estimation winner - Levi C (Bruceton).

7th grade: alternate Eileen P (Bruceton); 3rd place Reed J (CPMS); 2nd place Braden A (Bruceton); 1st place Connor L (West).

8th grade: alternate Grayson E (CPMS); 3rd place John G (West); 2nd place Landon C (CPMS); 1st place Cooper T (Bruceton).

7th/8th grade estimation winner Maggie W (CPMS)

PHS 9th grade: alternate Alyssa F; 3rd place Jeremy F; 2nd place Nick B; 1st place Bryson M

PHS 9th grade estimation winner Bryson M (CPMS)

PHS 1st place team: Collin W & Brady M

PHS 2nd place team: Nathan A, Scarlett C, Johnny M, Katelyn S, Zoey D

PHS 11th place Sarah U; 10th place Caden H; 9th place Toby C; 8th place James H; 7th place Johnny M; 6th place Abigail B; 5th place Kendra N; 4th place Katelyn S; 3rd place Travis P; 2nd place Brady M; 1st place Collin WMath Field Day 2024Math Field Day 2024Math Field Day 2024Math Field Day 2024Math Field Day 2024Math Field Day 2024Math Field Day 2024Math Field Day 2024