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2020 WV State Social Studies Fair Abstract

Body Safety Training Letter

Dear Parent(s) Guardian:
Abused and neglected children may be found in almost every school in the country. Recent research data indicates one in 10 children in West Virginia will be a victim of sexual abuse by age 18. School-aged children make up more than half of the children who are abused and neglected.
As a result of these alarming statistics, in 2019 West Virginia Legislature passed House Bill 4402, which requires that children in grades K-12 receive age-appropriate body safety education. The goal of body safety education is to educate and empower WV public school children. In accordance with WV code 18-2-41 your child will be provided body safety education.
It is recognized that the basic responsibility for the teaching of body safety education belongs in the home with the support of the school and other community agencies to strengthen the efforts of parents/guardians. School counselors will be instrumental in training the school employees and students using the WV Dept. of Education Body Safety Toolkit found at https://wvde.us/leadership-system-support/body-safety-and-sexual-abuse-prevention-toolkit/body-safety-education-toolkit/
Students in K-5 grades will use a researched based supplemental curriculum published by Second STEP.
You are encouraged to review all instructional materials and continue to be involved in the discussions that promote body safety education.
Stephen L. Wotring